Our company, KISMIT (Knowledge Information Solutions for Medical and Industrial Technologies), was founded by Radiologic Technologist, Developer and Leader Joey Oh.
Team Kinradiology (Old name, Knowledge Information of Radiology) was established to develop a high-quality radiography guide system, with several technicians, developers, and designers participating in each project.
Since 2014, we have started to develop a mobile application for radiation education, and completed development of Navi Radiography Mobile in 2016.

The reason for making this software is that we wanted to deliver easy and accurate medical technology to not only students who study radiography or radiologic technologist (radiographer), but also all people around the world, with high-quality technology.
We thought it would be a good resource for Technologists in some countries that do not have enough training in medical technology.
And eventually, tens of thousands of radiologic technologists (or medical doctors) are actually getting help.
And now, KISMIT is planning to develop advanced technologies such as VR and AR to focus on the technology to simulate radiographs for education without unnecessary radiography, the camera image processing technology that can help the patient to grasp the patient's position, and various medical technologies.
The head office of our team is in Seoul, Korea, and client manager is in Canada.

Team Members

Participants in Naviradiography Mobile development

Direction, Programming : Joey Oh (Radiologic Technologist, Researcher, Asan Medical Center)
X-ray Imaging, Collection : Jeong Hwan Kim (Radiologic Tehcnologist, Asan Medical Center)
X-ray Imaging, Text Editing : Sang Jun Park (Radiologic Technologist)
X-ray Imaging, Text Editing : Chung Beom Seo (Radiologic Technologist, Bundang Seoul University Hospital)
2D, 3D Design : Myoung Sun Yang (Graphic Designer, Korea Airport Service)
2D Design : Ji Eun Oh (Graphic Designer)
Text Writing : Sun Ae Yeo (Radiologic Tehcnologist, Asan Medical Center)
Text Writing : A Ram Ko (Radiologic Tehcnologist, Barunmadi Orthopedics)
Text Editing : Joo Seong Park (Radiologic Technologist)

Participants in Naviradiography PC development

Direction : Joey Oh (Radiologic Technologist, Researcher, Asan Medical Center)
Programming : Jung Man Park (Programmer)

Management and operational team

Representative : Joey Oh (Radiologic Technologist, Researcher, Asan Medical Center)
Distributor : Hyun Ju Kim (CEO, Representative of SeWha Green Inc.)
Client Manager : Ji Eun Oh (Radiologic Technologist, Northern Essex Community College, U.S.)
Client Manager : Ji Eun Oh (Graphic Designer, Canada.)


Programming Adviser : Woo Hyun Shim (PhD, Professor Neuroradiology, Asan Medical Center)
Technology Adviser : Byoung Sam Kang (PhD, Professor Radiologic Technology, Shingu University)
Technology Adviser : Hoon Hee Park (PhD, Professor Radiologic Technology, Shingu University)

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