Education of Radiography

Worldwide, the General Radiography Technique is the most fundamental and widely-applied skill for radiological technologists.
But radiography films are in black-and-white, and only show certain parts. So generally it is difficult to understand, through the film, why the body would have such a structure, which raises the entry barrier for learners who do not have experience.

This is because we can only see the outer body with our eyes. Thus, when one studies radiation, a student can learn only by imagining the inner body.
The educator finds it very difficult to coherently explain changes in the anatomical structure following posture, so the understanding of the General Radiography Technique tends to rely on the extent of the student’s imagination.
Even in the case of an experienced radiological technologist, it’s not easy to memorize more than 200 methods of the General Radiography Technique, requiring the technologist to keep thick books on radiation to refer to when needed.

Navi Radiography has databased more than 200 radiography techniques into a mobile application, making it easy to look up.
Also, we provide a service that shows, through a virtual three-dimensional model, the images of various poses for each individual technique, allowing beginners to grasp intuitively how the shooting must be done.
Also, we overlapped three-dimensional shots of the body's external(skin), internal(bones), and radiography film of the same location, allowing a much better understanding of General Radiography that would not have been possible otherwise.

Lecture Materials

Navi Radiography PC (Administrator Version) is especially useful for teaching X-ray techniques easily and accurately.
You can customize your database, share your own and students' database, and manage software licenses in your institution through the administrator page.


Education Materials

Students can easily learn the various radiography methods that are difficult to understand with books.
Navi Radiography PC (General User Version) implements a database interlocking system that can quickly follow the professor's class.


Mobile Applications

Navi Radiography Mobile is optimized for fast retrieval of radiography methods.
Radiologic technologists at schools and hospitals have a variety of content that can be quickly searched and understood.


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