Naviradiography PC (Institutional)

Navi Radiography PC is especially useful for teaching X-ray techniques easily and accurately.

You can customize your database, share your own and students' database, and manage software licenses in your institution through the administrator page.

INSTITUTIONAL (Administrator, Instructor)
: Academic and Commercial Use

User : Manager or Lecturer
Owner : Organization
Rights : Organization Document, DB Creation and Modification
Function : Sync with Students, On-line DB Management, Slide Presentation Function,
Image and Document Viewer, Title and Text Search, Wikipedia Search, etc
Accessory : USB for installation, USB Key for certification, Individual Guide Documents and Serial Number
Limitation : flexible (cost quote required)

You can use the trial version by filling out the form. Try it now. [ link ]
Please ask us to make a purchase. We will introduce the most affordable license for your institution. [ link ]

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